Alex Aragona speaks with Shikha Dalmia as she explores how minority groups tend to be some of the greatest defenders of rights and freedoms. They also speak about the North American libertarian movement during and after Donald Trump's presidency.

Alex Aragona chats with Art Carden as he explains the kind of deal we need to make if we want to see great prosperity.

Alex Aragona speaks with Erik Kimbrough as he explores the role social norms, groups, and other factors play in our decision making processes.

Alex Aragona chats with Ross Emmett and Steve Slivinski as they explore the policies that can hurt businesses, and their work on the Doing Business North America index.

Alex Aragona speaks with Peter Jaworski as he explores his definition of libertarianism, and how different kinds of morality can lead to certain conclusions about libertarian institutions.

Alex Aragona speaks with Sandra Peart as she traces the life of John Stuart Mill and explores some of the key pillars of his thinking.

Alex Aragona speaks with James Tooley as he retells some of his experiences discovering quality private education solutions in poorer communities, and how they compared to the government's offerings.

Alex Aragona speaks with Steve Horwitz as he explores what drives human progress, and why the market is so crucial to that.

Alex Aragona speaks with Clark Neily as he explores the causes of America's policing problems, and policies that may fix them.

It's our 2020 roundup episode! Alex Aragona chats with Matt Bufton and Sabine El-Chidiac about topics and ideas surrounding liberalism in the past year, and choose their favourite Curious Task episodes from 2020.

Alex Aragona speaks with Mike Tanner as he explores the factors that contribute to the persistence of poverty, and different policy recommendations that can help alleviate it.

Alex Aragona speaks with Janet Bufton as she explores where and how the tenets of classical liberalism come into play for those who call themselves libertarians.

Alex Aragona speaks with David Skarbek as he explores the different governance structures  that prisoners live under and create in prisons around the world.

Alex Aragona speaks with Mustafa Akyol as he explores whether Islam can be compatible with liberalism, and his recent research on freedom in Muslim-majority countries.

Alex Aragona speaks with Kevin Vallier as he explores the different tenets of political and social polarization, and whether the divisions we're seeing today can be reversed.

Alex Aragona speaks with Sabine El-Chidiac as she explores the different ways civil society solutions help refugees succeed when they move to their new home.

Alex Aragona speaks with Tom Palmer as he explores the institutions and conditions that cause peace and war.

Alex Aragona speaks with Virginia Postrel as she explores how her newest book traces how textiles shaped our modern societies.

Alex Aragona speaks with Eric Merkley as he explores the reasons why the public often mistrusts experts.

Alex Aragona speaks with Bart Wilson as he explores the natural tendencies of humans in relation to their views and attitudes on property.

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