Sabine speaks with Christy Horpedahl about the entrepreneurial spirit that imbues Penelope Fitzgerald's "The Bookshop".

Sabine speaks with the host of the Curious Task Alex Aragona to find out more about him, especially what he considers classical liberalism to be in its essence. 

Alex speaks with Jayme Lemke about the life, work, and legacy of American Nobel Prize-winning political economist Elinor Ostrom. 

Alex speaks with Thomas Bunting about politics, democracy, social progress and more as they relate to baseball and athletics more broadly.

Alex speaks with Edward Slingerland about the dance that most civilizations have done with alcohol and the delicate balance between worshipping its creative effects and fearing its dangerous consequences. 

Alex speaks with Scott Scheall about the importance of spontaneity for liberalism. 

Alex speaks with Claudia Williamson about what economists mean by culture and how individualism and other elements of culture can effect the economic progress of nations, peoples and groups.

Sabine speaks with Rosemarie Fike about the relationship between women's rights and economic freedom and the disparities that persist in contemporary economies around the world.

Sabine speaks with John Wood Jr. about political polarization in America and its effects on democracy, civil rights and activism today. 

Sabine speaks with Brent Orrell about the current challenges facing the workforce and labour market in America and abroad today.

Sabine speaks with Rachel Davison Humphries about various schools of thought in the study of education and how they may offer alternatives to learning more compatible with a free society.

Sabine speaks with Sarah Skwire about the role of liberalism in literature and ways in which all forms of literature can influence our ideas about markets, trust, and the value of others.

Alex speaks with Paige MacPherson about school choice - and the lack thereof - in each of Canada's provinces today. 

Alex speaks with Emily Chamlee-Wright about what exactly liberalism is and why it is worth defending in a world that can no longer take it for granted.

Alex speaks with Chris Freiman about ideal theory and the case for no state being the best state in a perfect world. 

Alex speaks with Lauren Hall about the unique approach that libertarians and classical liberals take when it comes to questions of consent, rights, and agency with respect to family and children.

Alex speaks with Moin Yahya about debates both new and old surrounding the causes and history of inflation.

Alex Aragona speaks with Jen Dirmeyer as she explores what markets do for us and the different ways they impact our lives.

Alex Aragona speaks with Graeme Thompson about the classical liberal tradition in Canada, and what the evolution of that tradition has looked like. 

Alex Aragona speaks with Peter Jaworski as he explores his definition of libertarianism, and how different kinds of morality can lead to certain conclusions about libertarian institutions.

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